Worship Song Book Lite

Worship Song Book Lite iPhone app lets you carry choosen lyrics of worship songs generally sung in churches on your iPhone.

Features -

- Have your songbook in your pocket.Carry choosen worship song in ur iphone/ipod.

- Now you can watch the related  youtube videos for the songs.  

- You can use this app in your church worship service or at you home prayer meeting.

- Currently this app has more than limited songs but please check our full app which contains lot more songs in 3 different languages. i.e English,Hindi,Malayalam.

Would like to see more songs?
- Please check our full version for the app.

- Shake your Iphone to change the bible verse on the main screen.

- Receive inspiring verses from Bible each time you switch on.

If you wish to create an app specific for your church with your choice of worship songs please contact us at at yeshusavior@gmail.com. Any suggestions and comments are welcome.

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