Obedience the Key in Christian Life

Ps 91:14-16
7 Blessings
1) I will deliver him.
2) I will set him on high.
3) I will answer him.
4) I will be with him in trouble.
5) I will deliver him and honour him.
6) I will satisfy him with long life.
7) I will show him my salvation.

The above blessings are tied to a  condition in verse14. Because he hath has set his love upon me.

How do we know that God loves us?
1) John 3:16 -  Sacrificial love which exceeds any other love that one can think of.
2) 1 john 4:9,10 -  God shows His Love through the sacrifice of His son.

Q How can a person love Jesus? - > Obedience to His Word
1) 1 John 5:3 By Obeying His commands
2) John 14:15 Anyone one loves me has my commands in his heart.
3) John 14:21 Anyone one loves me will keep my commands and will be loved by my Father.
4) John 14:23  Anyone one loves me will keep my teachings. Father will also love him and we will come a show us to him / dwell with him.

1 Sam 15:22 Obedience is better than sacrifice. -  One who does not obey - Rebellious
James 1:22 Practice the word and don't be just hearers of Word.

Mat 7:21 
Q) Who will enter the Kingdom of God ?
Who does the will of my Father - who obeys His commands.
V21: Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them in practice is wise man.

What if you are not following his commands ?
1) John 14:23 You don't love him
2) 1 Sam15:22 rebellious in the sight of God.
3) Mat 7:22 Termed as evil doers/ lawless
4) Mat 7:26 Foolish man.

How will the fall be?
1) Great Fall
2) Quick Fall
3) Complete fall Luke 6:44

One who obeys his Word
1) Called as wise man.
2) Will overcome the opposition faced in life - Mat 7:25
3) Father will love him.
4) Will be blessed Luke11:28

We have a model to follow in Jesus who showed great obedience  upto the point of death.
Committing to a special relationship with Jesus.

John 8:31 Those who hold on to my teaching, will be disciples, will know truth and this truth will set you free.

Obedience is the Key in the relationship with God. In OT we see the same thing and it continues in NT.
Hearing the word and putting it to practice is the most important thing in a christians life.
Christian life has to be built on the foundation that is Jesus christ, the Word.