Screen Dimensions
320x480 Dimensions
20px status height
44px Tabbar

Documentation for high resolutions iphone 4 devices
Supporting High-Resolution Screens


Using UIWebView to display select document types
Q: How do I display iWork, Office, or other document types in my iPhone OS Application?
A: In addition to HTML content, UIWebView can display specific document types.
iPhone OS 2.2.1 supports the following document types:

  • Excel (.xls)

  • Keynote (

  • Numbers (

  • Pages (

  • PDF (.pdf)

  • Powerpoint (.ppt)

  • Word (.doc)
Scrolling View
 - Sources- Contains catalog of different ways of handling the scrollview. Source code is available and the the project uses a lot of coding. It contains  some good tips of good programming practices.
Link Here

FaceBook Connection  - After going through the facebook developers section and managing to the facenook connect working. There were certain areas of publishing and others were a bit unclear - 

Useful step by step explanation.

Twitter connection - 

Collection of Articles

/// Useful collection of short code snippets.

More Iphone 3 Development - Source - Advanced

Contains a list of samples with basic approach towards building 
Iphone cook book

Contains a list of samples with basic approach towards building i

SQL - Edit table - Coffee  example-
Add, edit delete the table entries and in the details section add the image- which gets saved in as BLOB object and. Good example to use the SQl database on the Iphone.
Where to use - Creating a My favourite something section.

Creating a Sketch for the design: Collection of the pages with Iphone pics and developement notes secion

Adding Pics to Simulator

Quite Useful when working with images and UIImagePicker
1) Drag drop the images in the in safari shown at the bottom of the iphone simulator. On the Image which shows in the safari. Keep pressed for a while and save Image option appears. Save it and done.
2)In Application Support Images - Application Support/iPhone Simulator/Media folder