Blind story

Meditation - John Chapter 9

The blind man has 3 important conversations here

Was blind but now I see
He is prophet
Do you want to be disciple?
I am ready to believe the son of God.

Responding to words to  Jesus
 Here we see the man was willing to respond to the words from Jesus in a positive way. Many a time we fail to see the great things from God since  we fail to respond  to what the words of Jesus- Word of God says to us in faith.
here the man believed in Jesus  and His words. Result  - he recieved sight

Here Jesus is also referring to the Pharisees as being blinded by their sins

Here Jesus is approaching the blind man 2 times
First to heal him and second time to ensure that the man is aware and fully start to see again

Here we see the man is healed for the first time in the physical sense. Any person having sight could be still  blind if he has not seen Jesus inthe spiritual sense.

What that means to a person. Who is  cant see who has physical eyes
What is  the evidence that you are not spiritually blind?
Word would become life to you.
You would be able to recognise  Jesus and say with conviction that I know Jesus, Son of God.

Let's analyse what it means to be blind
Just close your eyes and ty to pick up a pen from your cupboard
First thing thy you would think is is there  any obstacle along he way as you do. Not want to get hurt along the way
Instanty you realise that you are moresuscepible to he dangers around you in eph 4 paul admonishes us to be alert against the viles  of the devil.

One more pointing would like to raise of being blind for a long time means ; you are doing lot of things which a a normal Christian would do,  like going to churh evry Sunday , participating in church activites, being. Nice guyetc these things doesf jot gaurantee that a person. Is not blind just imagine a case of a person who is blind but does most of his daily works basically certain skills developed over a period of time eg Braille Reading changing cloths etc

So how do you know are you blind or partially bilnd
A person who can see would be able to recognise Jesus
He would be much confident in his spiritual Christian journey

Reasons to blindness
Failing to see the what is important and missing the important points in life. Pharisees here could see the result of the healing- the man who was once blind but  they failed to see the 'healer behind the healing'.

I grew up in Christian family went to church every Sunday, actively took  part in most of the activities of the church taught Sunday school,stood in the forefront for many other church things, but for long time failed to see Jesus.

Four things characterize spiritual sight. A person who can see spiritually really has these four features involved in that sight. 
Number one, spiritual sight rises in desire to receive sight..
 Secondly, it requires faith. 
Thirdly, it recognizes Christ. 
Fourthly, it results in worship.