How can we help Christians actually live like Christians?

 Based on 25 years of experience in making disciples, Chip Ingram and Living on the Edge have developed a 6 week church-wide campaign that helps people understand how to start growing spiritually. By studying Romans 12, people learn true spirituality while answering life's common questions: 

• How do I give God what He wants the most? Surrendered to God (12:1)
• How do I get God's best for my life? Separate from the world's values (12:2)
• How do I come to grips with the real me? Sober in self-assessment (12:3-8)
• How do I experience authentic community? Serving in love (12:9-13)
• How do I overcome the evil aimed at me? Supernaturally respondeing to evil with good (12:14-21)

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