Interesting Facts

1) 3 days from the death to ressurection
9 of Clock Jewish =  3 pm
Jewish Day starts in the night time.
Thursday Night -  ThursdayDay 1 day
Friday Night -  Friday Day  2 day
Saturday Night -  Saturday Day 3rd day

Paradise = 3rd Heaven.

2) Second Coming Facts
260 Chapters
318 verses speaks about second coming
508 References from old testaments about second coming

3 Theories of Second Coming
Amillenium Reign
Premilleniam -  Secret coming of Jesus 
   1) Pre Tribulation Rapture  --- church would be taken before the 7 year tribulation
   2) Mid Tribulation Rapture  --- church would be taken middle of the 7 year tribulation
   3) Partial Rapture   --- part church would be taken
   4) Post tribulation Rapture
PostMilleninial Reign

His hour of coming is not know to anyone e