Looking back the past year, I have to say last year was a special year for me. Year of learning, growing in the word and a year of blessing.

Yesterday after some time,I got an oppurtunity to preach in the church. It was nice to rely on the Holy Sprit and his work
I would like to put the points through.

Eph 1:14 - 19 Paul says the following
Commending the church of Ephesus  for
1) Faith in Jesus Christ
2) Love towards his saints.

Next is what is very important -  Prayer for the church for  to receive from God
1) Spirit of wisdom 
2) Spirit of revelation.

It is God Given.
In 1 Cor 1 and 2, many verses could be said which related to the wisdom of God - 
Jesus is the wisdom  and Power of God.
God reveals the hidden secrets through His wisdom
Also it says that this wisdom is such that no eyes has seen.
Last verse of  chap 2 says.-
We have the mind of Christ.

I believe it is very important for a believer to be able to understand the word of God and God grants us the same through the word of God. I personally never understood anything from the Bible for a long time.

There could be many hinderances to receiving the Spirit of Wisdom.
1) Spiritual Cripildness - Acts 3 Speaks of Beggar  who was carried to the church. for 40 years.Todays time many are still carried to the church
a) Parents,
b) Husband
c) Wife
d) Children
e) Pastor
f) Your commitments to the church. - teaching, singing, etc.

One needs to receive miraculous healing from this, so that He could come in the presence of God of Own.

2) Improper Time Management -
This will always remain an important factor.Todays generation fails to recognise the time loss that is brought by in by various mediums  eg. Social Networking mediums, TV, games, .These things are not necessarily bad but they can easily rob a person of his precious time.

1) One should  start using the wisdom in handling time.
2) Ps 62:1-2 Make God our 'Alone' resting place, your refuge, comforter, strength.He will start working in your life.

1)You  will know God better - best thing to happen in a christians life
2) Eyes of your heart will be enlightened  so that
   a) You will know of the Hope which is set for you
b) Glorious inheritance which is in store for you -- 1 Pet 1:3-7
c) Incomparable power that is available for a one who believes.

Let God give us the wisdom that we need to know him better, Let our ankles and our feet receive strength and power and stand and start walking in the spirit( Rom 8:1) and start using the authority that is in store for us.

May Glod Bless you.

3/28/2012 05:52:37 pm

However, the more you find out about God the more mysteries appear...


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